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Shine on!

Whether you're looking to glossy with high-impact color, long-wearing gels, or make your natural nails look their best, we have the service for you.

What Sets Us Apart :


Salon G Suites Signature Touches

- Revitalize your tired hands and feet with a warm towel wrap prior to polish application.

- Relax the day way with a soothing neck pillow infused with aromatherapy herbs

- Nourish your skin with olive-oil infused moisturizer for your softest skin yet.


Our Practices

- We ensure stellar cleanliness by using an autoclave to sterilize our tools between every service.


- Stylists continually hone their skills with year-round education.

- We focus on massage to increase circulation and relive even the weariest of hands and feet, which allows us to alleviate your stress and worry and leave feeling refreshed.

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