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Change is Beautiful

Goshia's Hair and Nail Design opened on East Main street in 2002 in the heart of Historic Downtown Reynoldsburg, the realization of the American Dream for one determined woman with a vision.  

With the support of her friends and family, Goshia boldly stepped into the tumultuous, exciting, and uncertain world of entrepreneurship.  She worked doggedly to make her dream a success and in time, the salon flourished under her relentlessness and devotion.  Over the years, she has faithfully delivered on her promise of elevating the typical salon experience to one abounding with passion for the craft, genuine care for each client, and personal, loving touches.

Today, Goshia has taken another brave stride by refreshing and rebranding her business.  The new Salon G Suites is a  bright, modern take on the suite experience found in upscale hotels, resorts, and day-spas, focused on providing the ultimate in luxury and rejuvenation. 


 Just as importantly, she has chosen to leverage her wisdom, expertise, and experience to embolden the next generation of gifted young stylists .  Stylists at Salon G Suites are empowered to build their own successful enterprises.  Goshia  provides them her loving guidance and thoughtful mentorship along with the stability of growing a business in the shelter of a well-established, trusted business and community partner.  

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