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Show Your Good Side!

Salon owner Goshia Melendrez is an expert esthetician offering the perfect facial for every skin type.

What Sets Us Apart :


Salon G Suites Signature Touches

- Each facial starts with an aromatherapy inhalation ritual using the purest essential oils.

- Skin is revitalized using Dermalogica, a state-of-the-art skincare line developed by dermatologists.

- Relax in a private suite away from the noise and bustle of the busy salon.  Escape into the soothing ambiance of a cozy haven away from the world.


Our Practices

- We ensure stellar cleanliness by using an autoclave to sterilized our tools between every service.


- We can remedy rosacea, exfoliate with deep microdermabrasion, and boost collagen production deep within the skin for the restoration of your youthful appearance.

- We focus on massage to increase circulation and relive even the weariest muscles, which allows us to alleviate your stress and worry and leave feeling refreshed.



- Know that you are being heard as we take the time to understand your unique skin condition and challenges.


- We take the time to consider your lifestyle and the time you have to commit to daily maintenance when developing a skincare regimen for you

- We inquire before your service begins so that we can ensure you enjoy the exact pressure of massage and skin cleansing that's right for you.

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